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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge? What are your rates?

For a complete list of our current pricing click here.

Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately, no. Compared to other bridal makeup and hair companies in the area, our prices are already relatively low.

How far in advance do/should I need to book your services?

The sooner the better. In all honesty, we typically get booked 3 - 6 months in advance; sometimes even a year or more in advance. This is not to say that we will automatically not be available if you wait to the last minute; so feel free to contact us and see if we are still available.

How do I save the date? What do I need to book?

I require a signed contract and a $100 non-refundable deposit/retainer (which goes towards your final bill) to reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding date.

Can I get a copy of the contract?

You can get a copy of our current contract by clicking here.

Can I schedule a makeup and/or hair trial BEFORE booking?

Yes you can, but please keep in mind and understand the wedding date will NOT be reserved until a contract and deposit/retainer are in place. All services are on a first come first serve basis. Trials are a perfect time to bring pictures and ideas of how you want your makeup/hair to look on your wedding day. The artist/stylist will write down everything so she can replicate the look the day of.

Should I get a makeup/hair trial BEFORE my wedding day? Is it necessary to get a trial?

Trials are not necessary, but we do recommend them so that you can determine what you do and/or do not like. This way on the day of your wedding, we can make any necessary changes based on your comments/feedback.

Can you cover a tattoo?

Yes. We can most definitely do tattoo cover ups, but prices vary depending on the size. For a quote, please measure your tattoo and send us a picture at either or text us at (956) 457-3101.

Wedding Day; do you come to me? Do you have a studio?

Yes and sort of. Day of the wedding, we always provide services onsite; whether that be at your home, hotel, or wedding venue. Given that we always provide services onsite, we don't have a brick and mortar. However, I do have a studio in my home that I use specifically for bridal trials and/or engagement/bridal portraits. However, we can also come to you for those appointments at an additional travel fee.

Do you charge extra for early morning events?

We will be there at whatever time you need us. However, any wedding services with a start time earlier than 6:00 AM will be assessed an early start fee of $50.

Do you have any travel fees?

We do charge a travel fee of $0.65 per mile (round trip) for any address outside of a 20-mile radius from the zip code 75075 (Plano, TX) for each artist.

In addition, if we have to drive more than 1 hr. to get to the location where services will be provided, a driving fee of $50/hour (to and from) will be assessed per artist. For example, if an artist has to spend 2 hrs. driving to the location, provide services onsite, and then has to drive another 2 hrs. to get home; the driving fee will be $200 for 4 hrs. worth of driving.

How many artists do I need?

The number of artists depends on how large your wedding party is and by what time you need services to be completed by. Each artists requires 4 - 6 services and typically we take an hour per service; so keep that in mind. If your schedule requires additional artists in order to finish in a limited amount of time, an artist fee of $50 will be assessed per artist.

Can you bring multiple artists to accommodate my large bridal party?

Absolutely. We have 5 artists on our team that can more than likely accommodate your wedding; depending on availability.

Can you stay onsite for touch-ups? Can you come back and change my makeup and/or hair into a different look/style for the reception?

Yes and No. We are more than willing to stay onsite for a stay rate of $50/hour. However, once we leave we do not come back as we might have other appointments that day.

Is gratuity automatically included?

No, gratuities are not included in the bill. It is at your discretion whether or not you would like to leave a gratuity. If you feel like you have received excellent service and would like to leave a gratuity, it will be greatly appreciated. All we ask is that you please do us one favor and give any and all gratuities to Janet and she will divide it evenly between all the girls later; as we do tip sharing.

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